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Civil War Titles

New!! Exceptional Value! Special CD Set:

Civil War Reference Library: 222 Vols.  

The Official Records-128 Vols;  

Confederate Military History-12 Vols; 

Southern Historical Society Papers-52 Vols;   

Jefferson Davis Constitutionalist, His Letters, Papers and Speeches- 10 Vols;

Confederate Veteran Magazine 1893_1912- 20 years

Special CD Set- $ 89.95

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 Old Confederate Veteran: 1893-1912         $41.95

The Old Confederate Veteran Magazine was published in the interest of Confederate Veterans in the years following the Civil War. The purpose was to furnish these veterans, as well as the general public, with articles, stories, and pictures on the subject of the Civil War that would appeal to everyone, even Northerners. These magazines are especially useful for those people interested in genealogy and looking for their ancestors who fought in the war, because they contain thousands of names.

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Naval Official Record - North Atlantic Subset  $21.95

This subset of the Naval Official Record covers operations of both Union and Confederate Navies of the Atlantic and North Atlantic Blockading Squadrons, and operations on the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers. 


West Point Atlas of the American Civil War    $48.25

This atlas was especially designed for the cadets of the U. S. Military Academy as an aid in their studies in the history of military art. 

** Detailed explanations of each map.
** Troop dispositions at specific dates and times.
** Actions and movements denoted by route lines and symbols.
** Covers Shiloh, Atlanta, Antietam, Bull Run, Franklin, Nashville, Wilderness, Vicksburg, Gettysburg, Stones River (Murphreesboro), and more!


The Official Record of the War Between the States $69.95

The 128-Volume Army Official Record (also known as Official Record of the War of Rebellion) is the most complete reference set on the Civil War. This is the most comprehensive set of Civil War documents on CD-Rom. The Official Record was compiled by the US Army in the years after the war in an effort to collect all of the battle and regimental reports and correspondence of the Union and Confederate Armies.

** Series 1 - Formal reports of the first seizures of United States property in the Southern States and of all military operations in the field, with the relating correspondence, orders, and returns.

** Series 2 - Correspondence, orders, reports, and returns relating to Prisoners of War.

** Series 3 - Correspondence, orders, reports, and returns of Union authorities not relating to Series 1 & 2

** Series 4 - Correspondence, orders, reports, and returns of Confederate authorities not relating to Series 1, 2, & 3

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Photographic History of the Civil War            $ 94.75

3,629 Photographs with text; Full Clipart Capability High Resolution, Variety of formats (.tif, .bmp, .pcx, .jpg, and more).

The collection of photographs is in itself an invaluable contribution to military and historical record. The text is a compelling record of everyday life and ingenuity. The military movements of the Armies and Navies were studied extensively to properly stage the great scenes that are presented in these volumes. This collection also includes a chronological summary and record of historical events and of important engagements of the Union and Confederate Army and Navy.

* This CD-Rom requires Windows95/98 *


Clipart from Photographic History of the Civil War  $41.95

3,629 Civil War Photographs with captions; Full Clipart Capability High Resolution, Variety of formats (.tif, .bmp, .pcx, .jpeg, and more)

* This CD-Rom Requires Windows 95/98


Civil War Maps               $ 21.95

* Over 300 Civil War Maps in color

* Over 300 Civil War Maps in .tif & .gif format Maps can be saved in these formats: JPG, PCX, GIF, TIF, WMF

* Battlefield Maps, Region Maps, Troop Movements, Military Maps, and Approaches & Defenses

* Some of States included are TN, GA, MD, SC, NC, LA, VA, MS, AR, FL, IL, KY, and D.C.


American Campaigns - Maps and Text         $ 32.95

These volumes contain lectures in military history given at the Army Service Schools in Fort Leavenworth by Matthew F. Steele. Eighty percent of the lectures and maps are devoted to Civil War campaigns and battles. The remaining 20% of the lectures and Maps discuss the Colonial Wars, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, and the Spanish-American War.

None of the maps were drawn specifically for these lectures; all are reproductions of either official maps or maps accompanying works Steele consulted when preparing his lectures. In most cases, the colored blocks and lines representing troops and routes of march were added specially for the lectures. There are a total of 311 Maps with 232 of the maps covering major Civil War battles.

The collection also include appendix of Union and Confederate Commanders in some of the principal campaigns and battles of the Civil War.


Naval Official Records - Western Waters Subset $ 21.95

These 6 volumes cover the operations of both Union and Confederate Navies on the Tennessee, Ohio, and Mississippi rivers and along the Gulf coast

This subset includes volumes 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27 of the Navy Official Record.

The Tennessee River includes Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, and Shiloh.

The Mississippi River includes all activity from the Mississippi headwaters, to New Orleans. Operations include Ft Pillow, Memphis, Vicksburg, the Red River Campaign, and New Orleans.

The Gulf coast operations included both blockade and battles at Mobile, New Orleans, and points west.


Southern Historical Society Papers         $ 69.95

Published by the Southern Historical Society between 1870s and 1956, this unique reference set offers a Southern perspective on the Civil War, Reconstruction and the years after the Civil War through the turn of the Century.

Read what General Longstreet wrote about the Battles of Gettysburg! Read the Southern account of Andersonville! Many articles were written by Confederate veterans. The contents of this reference set should interest any genealogist because of the large number of names found in the throughout the volumes. The set also contains a Roster of soldiers at the surrender of Appomatox.

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Battles and Leaders of the Civil War          $ 94.75

4 Volumes of text + 1,751 Maps and pictures!

Originally published as a series of articles in "The Century" magazine between 1884 and 1887,these articles were written by the Leaders of both Union and Confederate armies. Leaders offer personal insight into their motivations in battle! This set is packed with discussions of Battles and Leaders. It contains hundreds of maps that detailing battle areas and troop positions. The set provides Unit and Officer Rosters of each army for each battle, as well as hundreds of photographs and sketches.


Battles and Leaders Clipart                    $ 32.95

1,751 Maps and Pictures from Battles and Leaders of the Civil War Collection, complete with a captions file and image viewing software.


Confederate Military History $ 39.95

Edited by General Clement A. Evans of Georgia. This work attempts to describe the era and issues of the Confederacy. The collection is divided into sections by state. This provides more space for each state's unique story, its investment in the war, its heroes, and its battlefields.

These volumes contain information on each unit: where, when, and by whom the unit was formed. There are some rosters.

The set includes two General Subject volumes, Maryland & West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama & Mississippi, Kentucky & Missouri, Louisiana & Arkansas, and Texas & Florida volumes.

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Hardee's Infantry Tactics $ 32.95

By Brevet LT. W. J. Hardee. This volume explains instruction, exercises, and maneuvers of riflemen and light infantry.

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Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia $49.95

By Lillian Henderson. This set contains names, ranks, dates, and status of the soldiers of Georgia, organized by regiments.

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Artillerist's Manual $ 21.95 [Cd-Rom] or $ 25.95 Comb-Bound RePrint

By Brigadier-General John Gibbon, U. S. Vols. This manual was compiled from various sources and adapted to the service of the United States by Brig-Gen. Gibbon. It has over 200 illustrations.


Confederate Veteran Magazine: 1984 to 1993 $41.95

The Sons of Confederate Veterans publish a magazine six times a year. This is a collection of all articles from 1984 through 1993.

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Robert E. Lee: The Man and Soldier            $ 41.95

By Thomas Nelson Page. This biography gives a full account of the conditions under which Lee conducted his military operations and his relationship to the Confederate government.


Messages and Papers of the Confederacy     $ 48.25

By James D. Richardson. A compilation of the correspondence, messages, and inaugural addresses of Jefferson Davis.


Roster of Maine Volunteers       $ 41.95

A Roster of all Maine troops during the Civil War, including Joshua Chamberlain's 20th Maine.

* This CD Rom Requires Windows 95/98 *


Michigan in the War $ 41.95

This is a history of the state of Michigan during the Civil War. Part I addresses the state's role during the war, covering such topics as raising troops. Part II outlines the histories of individual regiments. Some are very detailed, while some contained limited information, depending on the completeness of original regimental reports.


Rise & Fall of Confederate Government $ 48.25

By Jefferson Davis. This set of reference documents provides an inside look at the government of the Confederacy.


Historic Beauvoir $ 19.95

Compiled by the State Historian for the Mississippi Division of the U. D. C. Beauvoir was the last earthly home of Jefferson Davis. Historic Beauvoir contains the history of Beauvoir and of the Davis family, as well as 32 pictures.


"Co. AYTCH": A Side Show of the Big Show     $ 29.95

By Sam R. Watkins, Private, 1st Tennessee Regiment, C. S. A. Anecdotes and incidents of battles in which the Army of Tennessee and the Army of the Cumberland fought. We respectfully commend this book as being the best and most personal history of any army ever written.


" I Was There " Eyewitness: Chickamauga     $ 32.95

Eyewitness accounts and anecdotes written by soldiers who fought at the Battle of Chickamauga.


Confederate Wizards of the Saddle      $ 32.95

By B. H. Young. One of the main aims of this volume is to give Confederate cavalry leaders and their followers their just place in the history of the war. This volume talks about the campaigns of Stuart, Wheeler, Morgan, the Lees, Forrest, Hampton, Ashby, Mosby, Green, Van Dorn, Shelby and Marmaduke.


Jefferson Davis, Constitutionalist:

His Letters, Papers, and Speeches        $ 52.95

Edited by Dunbar Rowland, LL. D. Ten Volumes of details on the life and accomplishments of the President of the Confederate States of America. Learn more about the man who led the South during the War Between the States.

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Reminiscences of the Blue and Gray: '61 - '65  $32.95

By Frazar Kirkland. Brilliant and thrilling short stories of the Civil War. This selection focuses on words and deeds of both famous men and women.


Robert E. Lee, The Soldier    $ 41.95

By Major-General Sir Frederick Maurice. Neither a life of Lee nor a history of the Civil War of 1861-65. It is an account of Lee's Southern leadership, including his plans, intentions, and opinions - in his own words! Includes a timetable of Lee's involvement in the war effort.


Abraham Lincoln: His Life and Works $ 52.95

Edited by Marion Mills Miller, Litt. D.

Vol.1 -Autobiography

Vol.2 -Public Addresses

Vol.3 -Speeches and Debates 1856-1858

Vol.4 -Speeches and Debates 1858-1859

Vol.5 -Speeches and Pres. Address 1856-1858

Vol.6 -State Papers 1861-1865

Vol.7 -Letters and Telegrams

Vol.8 -Letters and Telegrams

Vol.9 -Letters and Telegrams


Personal History of Ulysses S. Grant $ 41.95

By Albert D. Richardson. This biography of U. S. Grant begins with the genealogy of the Grant family a personal look at Grant's early years. It goes on to talk about his time at West Point, the war years, and his nomination for President of the United States.


Great Britain and the American Civil War $ 32.95

A discussion of the effects of American Civil War on Great Britain.


The Man in Gray $ 32.95

A dubiously fictional account of Robert E. Lee's life by Thomas Dixon.

"TO THE READER: Now that my story is done I see that it is the strangest fiction that I have ever written. Because it is true. It actually happened. Every character in it is historic. I have not changed even a name. Every event took place. Therefore it is incredible. Yet I have in my possession the proofs establishing each character and each event as set forth. They are true beyond question....." -- Thomas Dixon.


Women of the South in War Times $ 32.95

By Matthew Page Andrews. This history of the women of the Civil War period describes the everyday lives of women in the South during the war.


Twenty Years of Congress $ 32.95

Congressional records from the Lincoln years to the Garfield years. This set contains a review of the events leading to the Political Revolution of 1860.


Woman's Work in the Civil War $ 41.95

By L.P. Brockett, M. D. A history of the lives of women and the roles they played during the Civil War. This book focuses mainly on the Union.


"For The Sake of My Country":

The Diary of Col. W.W. Ward          $ 25.95

The diary of William Walker Ward (9th Tennessee Cavalry, Morgan's Brigade, C.S.A.) for the years of 1864 and 1865.



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